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Brand Story

For the safety of your skin, ‘ELAFIN’ contemplates on safe cosmetics.

ELAFIN, a neat existence that plays a proper role to your skin

Proteolytic enzyme is secreted between the corneocytes in the stratum corneum in our skin. This proteolytic enzyme is literally a type of enzyme that breaks down protein, induces falling of dead skin cells, and engages in forming new corneous tissue. (A natural phenomenon of dead skin cells falling: New corneocytes are formed and dead skin cells fall off the entire lifetime and this happens in about a 4-week cycle.) However, the natural falling off of dead skin cells by this proteolyticenzymehappens early in theskin with severe dryness.Thus, the corneocytes that are supposed to protect the skin fall off too early and the skin barrier, which protects the skin, becomes weakened. 

Naturally, the barrier cannot protect various stimulus factors from the outside, which creates various uncomfortable phenomena that discomfort the skin. For example, the symptoms such as extreme dryness, itchiness due to that dryness, etc. cause not only physical pain but also emotional stress. Thus, there is a need to prevent these symptoms from happening easily, and truly neat elafin (skin-derived antileukoprotease) is one of the substances that properly controls and manages excessive disintegration of the proteolytic enzyme.This is a truly neat existence that plays a proper role in your skin. If the excessive action of theproteolytic enzyme is ‘the corneous tissue thief’, elafin is a thankful existence, like ‘a police officer’ that prevents theft.

BCBcos products contain components that function like elafin.